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Putin: Russia to create automated system of exchanging data on cyber threats

Russia is implementing a program of specific measures to fight cybercrimes

MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. Russia will create a system of data exchange among various companies and law-enforcement agencies to help coordinate measures in response to cyber threats, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a Sberbank-sponsored international congress on cybersecurity on Friday.

Russia is implementing a program of specific measures to fight cybercrimes, the head of the Russian state said.

Specifically, as a priority measure, Russia "will implement a business initiative to develop a system of the automated exchange of information on threats in the digital space," he said.

"In case of cyber attacks, this system will help better coordinate the actions of communications operators, credit institutions and Internet companies with the law-enforcement agencies and thus promptly eliminate threats that arise," Putin said.

Also, "new comprehensive solutions have to be worked out to warn and cut short offences against citizens" in the digital sphere, the Russian president said.

"Such solutions should increase the efficiency of the corresponding operational agencies to respond to such threats and for this purpose it is important to create the relevant legal conditions and ensure convenient forms of interaction between citizens and state structures," Putin said.

"We will be seeking to ensure that the existing software and infrastructure in Russia should be based on domestic technologies and solutions that have passed the relevant check and certification," the Russian leader stressed.

This will be done "not to the detriment of competition," he said.

"Naturally, I am talking about competitive products corresponding to the highest demands of consumers," Putin stressed.

The Russian leader also spoke about the plans to raise the level of Russian specialists’ preparedness to counter cybercrimes. For this purpose, Russia will be introducing more actively practice-oriented approaches and using the best foreign and domestic experience, he added.

"We intend to develop and fine-tune the system of the international exchange of information on cyber threats and soon the government will have to decide on the structure that will be responsible for this work," the Russian president said.

According to Putin, "today cyber threats have such a scope that they can be neutralized only jointly, by pooling together the efforts of the entire international community.".