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Baltic Fleet’s corvettes return home after long ocean voyage

The Baltic Fleet’s Commander Vice-Admiral Alexander Nosatov welcomed home the crews

KALININGRAD, January 14. /TASS/. Project 20380 corvettes of the Baltic Fleet, the Soobrazitelny and the Boiky, and the Kola tanker finished a three-month ocean voyage and returned to the Baltiisk port on Sunday. The vessels covered 35,000 nautical miles, fleet spokesperson Roman Martov told TASS.

"The corvettes and tanker, who have carried out planned tasks in the areas of the North Atlantic, in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Indian Ocean, today were welcomed at the Baltiisk military harbor," he said.

The Baltic Fleet’s Commander Vice-Admiral Alexander Nosatov welcomed home the crews. The homecoming ceremony featured local officials and the crews’ families.

The Boiky, Soobrazitelny corvettes and the Kola tanker left Baltiisk on October 14 for a long-range sortie in the framework of regular Russian naval presence in the World Ocean. They accomplished dozens of training missions, air and submarine defense drills. During the voyage, the Russian ships made business calls at Limassol (Cyprus), Djibouti (the Republic of Djibouti) and Tartus (Syria).

Corvettes of project 20380 are close sea zone warships capable of fighting surface warships and submarines and provide fire support to landing operations. The full displacement is close to 2.2 thousand tons, the speed is 27 knots and autonomous navigation range is 4 thousand miles. The main armaments comprise anti-ship and anti-aircraft Uran and Redut missile complexes, 100mm A-190 artillery gun and small-caliber anti-aircraft 30mm AK-630 missiles. The corvettes also have 324mm Paket torpedoes, a helipad and a hangar for the craft.