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Over 5,000 troops and around 100 aircraft involved in drills in Russia’s West

During the exercise, the troops are supposed to fight off the enemy’s missile attacks

MOSCOW, July 3. /TASS/. A massive command and staff exercise in aviation and troops management has begun in Russia’s Western Military District, the District’s press service said in a statement. The military drills involve more than 5,000 troops, as well as around 100 planes and helicopters.

"The drills particularly involve aviation, air defense units, missile forces and artillery, radar troops using electronic warfare, as well as special forces deployed to the Western Military District," the press service elaborated.

During the exercise, the troops are supposed to fight off a simulated enemy’s missile strikes and airstrikes. Combined units will escape the strikes, while aviation units and radar troops will eliminate various targets simulating cruise and ballistic missiles, combat and surveillance unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as warplanes and helicopters.

"Radar troops, radiological, chemical and biological protection units will counter the simulated enemy’s weapons targeting systems, while combat units of the Iskander-M tactical missile systems will launch missiles on targets located on various distances from the launch sites," the Western Military District’s press service added.

More than 5,000 troops and up to 2,000 pieces of military hardware, including around 100 planes and helicopters, are involved in the exercise.