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Putin praises domestic weaponry capabilities

Russian military products enjoy stable demand and are supplied to 52 countries, the Russian leader says

MOSCOW, March 22. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he was content with how domestic weapons were proving their worth in the war on international terrorism.

"The capabilities of Russian weaponry, its exceptional reliability and efficiency manifest themselves in the struggle against terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic and the counteraction of terrorism in the entire Middle East," the Russian leader said at a session of the commission for Russia’s military and technical cooperation with foreign countries.

According to Putin, "the employment of aviation and air defense systems in real combat conditions give invaluable experience to the flight and ground personnel, air defense crews and the developers of domestic military products."

The Russian president thanked the developers of armaments as they "are working actively and promptly responding to remarks arising in the course of military hardware use."

As the president said, the Russian military hardware "is successfully used not only in combat conditions but also for humanitarian goals."

"Thus, the most advanced anti-mine systems have defused explosive devices in Aleppo and Palmyra and neutralized terrorists’ chemical weapons," Putin said.

As the Russian president said, "mobile medical posts, field kitchens and engineer systems have proved their efficiency and they are helping revive peaceful life and restore electricity and water supply of populated areas."

"It is necessary to constantly analyze the experience of the practical use of defensive technologies and improve the methods of military training," the president said, adding that "such an approach will help develop ties in the system of military and technical cooperation and raise the quality of products of the defense and industrial sector," the Russian president said.

New contracts

Russia signed new contracts worth $9.5 billion in 2016 for the export of armaments while the total order book remains at the level of $50 billion.

"Russian military products enjoy stable demand and are supplied to 52 countries of the world. Last year, new contracts worth a total of $9.5 billion were signed," the Russian leader said.

"Therefore, the export order book of the defense industry remains at $50 billion," Putin said.

"Following the results of last year, Russia confidently holds the 2nd place in the world by the volume of military exports, which exceeded $15 billion last year," the Russian leader said.

In 2015, Russia’s arms exports totaled $14.5 billion, Putin said. Russia intends to further expand arms deliveries abroad, Putin said.

"We intend to build up Russia’s presence on the world market of armaments and military hardware, expand the geography of deliveries and the list of exported products, improve the qualitative characteristics of domestic weapons," the Russian president said.

In 2016, Russia signed 18 international agreements in the field of military and technical cooperation, Putin said.

In Putin’s opinion, "the clear-cut and streamlined work of Russian participants of military and technical cooperation enables this system not only to compete successfully in the tight conditions of the global market but also to exceed planned indicators."

Putin cited as the example the work of MiG Aircraft Corporation, the Research and Production Association of Machine-Building, Almaz-Antey Group and Russian Helicopters rotocraft producer, noting that "they are demonstrating quite good indicators, if not to say very good results."

As Putin said, MiG Corporation had its plan fulfilled by 101%, Almaz-Antey by 185% and Russian Helicopters by 327%