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Putin orders to develop missiles capable of penetrating any defense systems

Vladimir Putin is satisfied with Russia's nuclear triad maintenance level

MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. There is a need to strengthen Russia’s strategic nuclear forces and develop missiles capable of penetrating any current and prospective missile defense systems, President Vladimir Putin said at the Defense Ministry board meeting.

The president, who is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces, demanded that the defense ministry focus on completing its key tasks. "We need to strengthen the strategic nuclear forces, for that we should develop missiles capable of penetrating any current and prospective missile defense systems," Putin stressed.

The president added that non-nuclear strategic forces also needed "to be taken to a higher level of quality so that they are capable of neutralizing any military threats."

Besides, in the president’s words, there is a need to ensure the balanced development of all branches of the armed forces, continue to master precision weapons, modern means of communication and reconnaissance as well as electronic warfare systems.

Russia is maintaining the state of its nuclear triad at a proper level, the Russian president said:

"The state of the nuclear triad that plays a key role in keeping strategic parity was maintained at the proper level." 

According to Putin, the share of modern armaments in the Russian nuclear forces equaled almost 60%.

The level of troops’ training has also increased, which has been proved by the results of the Kavkaz-2016 strategic command and staff drills, Putin said.

The success of these exercises enhanced the protection of Russia’s southern borders, in particular, against terrorist threats, and also helped work on the organization of the territorial defense in the Southern and North Caucasian Federal Districts, Putin said.

The Russian president also noted the efficiency of four sudden combat readiness checks held in 2016.

"They have confirmed that units and formations can be promptly redeployed to large distances and they can create groupings within short time limits in strategic directions," the Russian leader said.

Putin instructed the Defense Ministry to analyze in detail the results of the checks and take them into account in the training plans in the future. 

Interest in Russian arms 

Vladimir Putin believes it is necessary to make the most of foreign customers’ interest in Russian weapons that showed its effectiveness during the operation in Syria.

"The effectiveness of the use of Russian weapons in Syria is opening up new vistas for the development of military and technical cooperation. We need to take maximum advantage of this," he told a meeting of the Defense Ministry board on Thursday.

"We are aware of the interest in modern Russian weapons shown by our foreign partners," Putin noted.