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Russian government finances Arctic scientific expedition

Some $13.2 millionweiil be allocated to finance the Trans-Arctic 2019 scientific expedition

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev inked an order to allocate 868.75 million rubles ($13.2 million) to finance the Trans-Arctic 2019 scientific expedition, which will research and monitor the Arctic environment. The expedition will involve four research vessels of the national hydrometeorology authority, Roshydromet, the order reads.

"The allocated funds are for complex scientific research and state monitoring of the Arctic environment, where Roshydromet’s four scientific-research and expedition vessels will be used," the government’s website quoted the official document, published on Tuesday.

The Mikhail Somov expedition vessel and the Professor Multanovskiy will monitor state and pollution in the Russian Arctic seas en route from Vladivostok via the Bering Strait to the Kola Peninsula.

The Akademik Treshnikov expedition vessel for the term of the research will be frozen into ice, the document reads. On board the Professor Molchanov research vessel scientists will organize the annual educational Arctic Floating University.