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South Korean president: No more wars on Korean peninsula

The South Korean president stresses that North Korea’s missile and nuclear problem must be resolved exclusively by peaceful means

SEOUL, September 5. /TASS/. The Korean people alone are in the position to decide war-related matters on the Korean Peninsula, the South Korean leader, Moon Jae-in, said in his first interview to Russian mass media, which he grated exclusively to TASS First Deputy Director-General Mikhail Gusman.

"Our stance is firm - there should be no more wars on the Korean Peninsula. Nobody but Korea is in the position to decide if there may be war on the Korean Peninsula again," Moon said about the existing regional tensions.

The South Korean president is certain that North Korea’s missile and nuclear problem must be resolved exclusively by peaceful means.

"We have no intention of toppling the North Korean regime or achieving unification by means of a takeover. We seek to resolve the North Korean nuclear problem and to guarantee security to the North Korean regime. We wish to build a system of lasting peace in the Korean Peninsula," Moon said.

"Also, we wish to create an economic community in which the South and the North might prosper together. This would be useful for the development of Russia’s Far East, too," he stated.

The current situation in the Korean Peninsula remains extremely strained as Pyongyang pushes ahead with its missile and nuclear program. In July, North Korea carried out two ballistic missile tests. Another missile launch followed on August 29 and on September 3 it declared it had carried out a successful test of a hydrogen bomb which can be used as an intercontinental missile warhead. This drew a harsh response from the international community. China condemned Pyongyang’s actions and the United States did not rule out military retaliation.