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FSB detains four Islamic State suspects for plotting terror attacks

At least four members of the IS terrorist group were detained in Moscow; some of them are Russian citizens

MOSCOW, May 25. /TASS/. Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, has detained four suspects tied to the (outlawed-in-Russia) terrorist organization Islamic State for plotting terrorist attacks at transport facilities.

The FSB’s public relations center said that on May 25 four members of the terrorist group were detained in Moscow. Some were Russian citizens and others, residents of Central Asian countries. They were gearing up to detonate makeshift explosive devices at Moscow’s transport facilities.

The Islamic State-linked group was directed from Syria, the FSB said.

"After the act of sabotage, the terrorists planned to leave for Syria to join the Islamic State in its combat operations," the FSB stated.

The intelligence services have also uncovered an explosives laboratory during searches of the IS-linked suspects’ living quarters:

As the FSB press office reported, "during the searches at the detainees’ living areas, the operatives uncovered a laboratory for making explosives, an improvised explosive device with striking elements ready for use and components for its production, and also automatic firearms, ammunition, grenades, literature and video records of extremist and terrorist nature."