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Ukrainian ex-premier says Kiev violates Association Agreement with EU

Ukraine's former PM says Kiev allows major violations of human rights

WARSAW, September 27. /TASS/. Ukraine is grossly violating the Association Agreement it signed with the European Union, allowing major violations of human rights, the country’s former prime minister and now head of the Salvation Committee of Ukraine Nikolai Azarov said in a video link with a conference on the sidelines of a session on the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation.

Azarov said that as prime minister he took part in work on the document. "The sizable part of this agreement was on Ukraine’s respect for fundamental human rights," he said.

"The regime that was established after a coup of 2014 which has nothing to do with observance of human right and democracy," he said.

"This regime unleashed a war against its own people," he said. "A total of 23,000 residential buildings have been destroyed since then in the southeast of the country, more than 50,000 people have died and about two million have become refugees."

"The regime is failing to implement the Minsk agreements and triggers a military conflict, as it is only with its help that it can extend its term in power," Azarov said.

"The economic situation in Ukraine has sharply deteriorated as compared with 2013, average salaries have dropped more than three times, making up $150 a month, an average pension has also become three times smaller, diminishing to $50," the politician said. "Ukraine has become the poorest state not only in Europe, but in the world," he added.

"Does Europe feel its responsibility for this?" Azarov asked the conference, urging European politicians to take measures towards "an immediate restoration of constitutional rule in Ukraine and all opposition democratic parties of the country, creation of a commission to investigate into crimes of the Kiev regime," he said.

"We must restore a normal democratic government in Ukraine, ensuring human rights, freedom of speech, as well as immediately restore the economy," the ex-prime minister added.

Azarov held the position of Ukrainian prime minister from March 11, 2010 to January 28, 2014. Following the ‘Euromaidan’ turmoil of February 2014 he left the country.