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Protest rally participants detained in Minsk

At present the number of detainees is being specified

MINSK, October 12. /TASS/. Law enforcement officers are detaining protesters during an unauthorized rally in Minsk, the press service of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk City Executive Committee told TASS.

"Measures are undertaken to thwart legal offences on the part of the participants of the unauthorized rally. Some people have already been detained," the Directorate’s representative said.

The press service reported that at present the number of detainees is being specified.

The march of the retirees started on Monday on Independence Square in downtown Minsk. It proceeded along Independence Avenue to the National Academy of Sciences, covering about five kilometers. Over 1,000 people participated in the march. The retirees were protesting the policies of the current government, some were carrying banners demanding resignation of the country’s leaders.

Near the Belarusian National Technical University students joined the procession to support the retirees. At that moment, detentions of young people began, while the participants in the protest rally were trying to release them. Then, according to the internet portal, explosions of firecrackers were heard and security forces used tear gas.

During the march, stations of the Minsk subway were temporarily closed. Currently the subway functions as usual.