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Pirates seize four Russians on board freighter near Cameroon — German prosecutor

The attackers abducted eight crew, including Russians, Filipinos and one Ukrainian

BERLIN, August 19. /TASS/. Four Russians were seized by pirates who attacked the freighter Marmalaita near Cameroon’s port Douala several days ago, the spokeswoman for the office of Hamburg prosecutor, Nana Frombach, told TASS by telephone on Monday.

"There are four Russians among those seized," she said adding that three Filipinos and one Ukrainian were abducted, too. "We are investigating the case, because the shipowner is headquartered in Hamburg."

"We are unable to disclose any other details of the case at the moment," Frombach stated.

On August 15, unidentified attackers, presumably Nigerian pirates, stormed the freighter Marmalaita. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the attackers seized eight crew, reportedly three Russians.