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German top diplomat to visit Russia soon

"Relations with Russia are crucial for Europe’s eastern policy," Heiko Maas said

BERLIN, January 10. /TASS/. Relations with Russia remain crucial for the Europe’s eastern policy for it is impossible to resolve conflicts without Russia, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said at a New Year’s reception hosted by the German Eastern Business Association. He added that he would visit Russia in the near future.

"I will make another trip to Russia in the near future," Maas said. "Particularly to call for economic reforms in Russia, which are necessary," he added, emphasizing the importance of direct dialogue with Moscow.

"Relations with Russia are crucial for Europe’s eastern policy," the German top diplomat pointed out. "It is impossible to resolve issues without it [Russia]." "We seek close and trust-based cooperation with Russia, this is what Europe’s eastern policy should be aimed at," Maas said. "However, we need honest dialogue and clear principles," he noted.

"The more complicated relations are, the clearer words we need," the German foreign minister said. "It also means that Russia must return to compliance with international rules," he added. According to Maas, Russia to a large extent lost its credibility in recent years. "But we still need Russia to be our foreign policy partner, be it efforts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine or the conflicts in Syria and Yemen," he concluded.