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Putin does not want his grandchildren to be brought up as 'blue bloods'

Vladimir Putin says his children and grandchildren live in Moscow

MOSCOW, June 15. /TASS/. ussia's President Vladimir Putin during the annual televised question and answer session said shortly earlier he had become a grandfather for the second time.

"My second grandson was born not long ago," he said. 

He asked the audience to understand he tried to shield his family from close scrutiny from the media and society.

"You see, I do not want them to be brought up as "blue bloods," I want them to grow up as normal people," he said, adding his grandchildren need "regular, normal communication with other children."

"As soon as I state their ages, names, they would be identified immediately, and any enormous interest would damage the kids’ development," the president said. "So, everything is fine, and I am asking you to understand me correctly and to respect this position."

During the Q&A session, the president also shared with the audience some details of his personal life. He said, his daughters live in Moscow, he has grandchildren. "My children, despite all the rumors, live here - in Russia, in Moscow, and I have grandchildren, they also live normal lives," the president said. "My daughters are engaged in the sciences, education, they are not involved in any sort of politics, they live normal lives."