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Sputnik Light to halve risks of catching Covid-19 - vaccine developer

This vaccine consists of only one component and it requires only one shot instead of two

MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. /TASS/. The use of the Sputnik Light Covid-19 vaccine halves the risks of contracting the disease, Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Health Ministry, the vaccine developer, said on Sunday.

"The ‘light’ variant of the vaccine is the first component of Sputnik V. When used without the second shot, it gives a possibility to reduce the risks of contracting this disease by 50, if not 60%," he said in an interview with the Vesti Nedeli weekly news roundup on the Rossiya-1 television channel.

Sputnik Light is a one-dose version of Sputnik V. It consists of only one (first) component, and respectively, it requires only one shot instead of two. Sputnik Light tests began in Moscow on February 27 and the Gamaleya Center applied for its registration on March 29.