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Russian diplomat stresses important of maintaining Russian heritage in US

Oleg Malginov took part in a historical forum on Kauai Island, one of the isles of the Hawaii archipelago

KAUAI ISLAND /Hawaii/, November 16. /TASS/. People of Russia descent have left behind a wealth of cultural and historical heritage in foreign countries in the past few centuries and the U.S. is one of these countries, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for communication with fellow-countrymen abroad, Oleg Malginov, told TASS.

He took part in a historical forum on Kauai Island, one of the isles of the Hawaii archipelago, that was devoted to the 200th anniversary of Russian presence here, including construction of Fort Elizabeth.

"The upkeep of heritage of the Russians who settled outside of Russia in different centuries in the past is an important aspect of activity," Malginov said. "The monuments of history linked to Russia confirm that ties [between Russia and other countries - TASS] did exist and they are important for Russia and the U.S. in an equal measure."

"Monuments are the roots that nurture modernity and will continue nurturing the future," he said.

As an instance of these ties with other countries, he named the community of Russian Old Believers, or the Lippovans, in Romania, saying Moscow was interested in helping them preserve their cultural heritage.

"They [the Lippovans] are a part of the Russian World, and their communities is already three centuries old," Malginov said.

He recalled the beginning of the 20th century, the years of the Russian revolution and Civil War, when millions of Russians created "a Russian world abroad that was impressive in terms of both its size and cultural dimension."

"Quite naturally, it should be studied and made accessible for the people of Russia," Malginov said. "We should make efforts to prevent it from vanishing.".