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Russian MP says US hurling threats at Moscow to force it out of Syria

Accroding to an MP, the US statement on possibility of terrorist attacks in Russian cities will not affect Moscow's actions in Syria

MOSCOW, September 29. /TASS/. Washington refers to the possibility of terrorist attacks in Russian cities seeking to force Russia out of Syria, the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Committee for Defense and Security Frants Kilntsevich told journalists on Thursday.

US Department of State Spokesman John Kirby said on Wednesday that one of the consequences of the war in Syria could be extremists’ "attacks against Russian cities." In his opinion, terrorists could exploit the vacuum of power in Syria and launch attacks "against Russian interests."

Klintsevich called the US diplomat’s comments "very strange". "According to his logic, Russia should stop fighting terrorists for fear of their reaction. But in fact John Kirby, perhaps unintentionally, has highlighted Washington’s desire to force Russia out of Syria," he noted.

Kirby’s statement "will in no way affect" Russia’s activities in Syria, Klintsevich believes. "As for the terrorist threat that the US State Department spokesman tried to intimidate us with, there are special forces to prevent this kind of threats. And these services are highly efficient in Russia," the senator concluded.