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Moscow says attempts to accuse Russia of aid convoy attack are 'outrageous'

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed once again that no airstrikes on a humanitarian convoy near Syria’s Aleppo were delivered by either Russian or Syrian warplanes

MOSCOW, September 20 /TASS/. Attempts to accuse Russia and Syria of attacking a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo are arousing resentment and indignation and may be designed to distract attention from the US-led coalition’s bombardment of the Syrian troops on September 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

"We are considering, with resentment and indignation, attempts by some foreign curators of rebel units and terrorists in Syria to put the blame for the incident on the Russian and Syrian Aerospace Forces who allegedly bombarded a relief convoy," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"Such attempts, which are unconfirmed by any facts, are designed, among other things, to distract attention from a strange ‘error’ made by pilots of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition on September 17 when its planes bombed the Syrian government troops positions near Deir ez-Zor," the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed. 

The diplomats stressed once again that no airstrikes on a humanitarian convoy near Syria’s Aleppo were delivered by either Russian of Syrian warplanes: 

"We are telling it with all responsibility: no airstrikes on the United Nations humanitarian convoy in Aleppo’s southwestern neighborhoods were delivered by either Russian or Syrian warplanes."

The Russian military are using objective control devices to probe into the incident with the humanitarian convoy near Syria’s Aleppo, the Russian foreign ministry assured.

"The Russian military are probing, including with the use of objective control means, into the incident in the settlement of Urum al-Kubra in the evening on September 19 to clarify all the details."