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Two subversion attempts foiled in Zaporozhye in past four days, activist says

About 50 Ukrainian troops had been killed

MOSCOW, October 17. /TASS/. The allied forces thwarted two subversion attempts in the Zaporozhye Region in the past four days, Chairman of the We Stand With Russia movement Vladimir Rogov told the Soloviev Live TV channel on Monday.

"In just four days, we encountered two operations. First, a reconnaissance group was detected at our checkpoint not very far from the nuclear power plant," he said. "There was a brief fight, the enemy lost some troops and retreated to the right bank. Second, <…> a large group of militants equipped with military hardware and watercraft, which was getting ready to make a landing near the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, was eliminated at the Kakhovka Reservoir bay near the Osokorovka settlement, that’s in the Kherson Region," Rogov added.

He added that about 50 Ukrainian troops had been killed while boarding their watercraft, and two towed boats, five high-speed boats, four tanks and four infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed.