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Foreign mercenaries killed in LPR when trying to break through Russian defenses

As Andrey Marochko said, foreign nationals currently make the bulk of assault units

LUGANSK, October 17. /TASS/. A large number of foreign mercenaries were killed when Ukrainian troops tried to break through allied defenses in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) on Sunday, LPR militia officer Andrey Marochko told TASS on Monday.

"Yesterday’s attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to break through our defenses near the cities of Kremennaya and Svatovo led to catastrophic losses both in manpower and equipment. I would like to point out that a large number of foreign mercenaries were killed as foreign nationals currently make up the bulk of assault units," he said.

An LPR law enforcement source told TASS on Sunday that allied forces had thwarted the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attempts to carry out a major offensive operation near Svatovo and Kremennaya, killing about 90% of Ukrainian troops involved in the operation. According to the source, despite a failed offensive attempt, Ukrainian forces may once again try to break through the frontline in the coming days.