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Moscow official slams US think tanks for trying to shut access to Russian cultural values

The high official gave the example of the Immortal Regiment campaign, which, according to him, faced containment in the US

MOSCOW, July 12. /TASS/. American think tanks are devising measures to prevent the Russian culture and moral values from spreading around the world, Russian Historical Society (RHS) Director Sergei Naryshkin said on Friday.

"Due to various reasons I have to read a lot of political opponents’ materials on Russia’s influence, not only through the Russian language, but also through the Russian culture, mass media, system of values, which Russia is advancing in the world. Of course, our political opponents are trying to block [this], often in a cynical way," he said.

Naryshkin drew an example of the attempts to contain the Immortal Regiment campaign in the US.

"By way of an example, in high offices of a state across the Atlantic a task is set for think tanks to devise a system of tools that would hinder the advancement of the Immortal Regiment campaign. This looks even more cynical when it is done by our former allies in World War II, but it is what it is," Naryshkin stressed.