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Siemens declines to confirm possible delivery of two more turbines to Crimea

Reuters correspondents claim to have seen some turbines in Crimea similar to those produced by Siemens

BERLIN, July 13. /TASS/. Germany’s Siemens company does not confirm the allegations made by Reuters that two more gas turbines could have been delivered to the Crimean Peninsula, the company’s spokesman Wolfram Trost told TASS on Thursday.

"Our previous press release remains in effect, we believe that two of our turbines are currently on the Peninsula," he said. According to Trost, the information concerning two more turbines is no more than a speculation.

Reuters correspondents claim to have seen some turbines in the port of Feodosia, Crimea, adding that "their dimensions and shape match publicly-available photographs of Siemens gas turbine systems."

When asked if Siemens-made gas turbine systems were easily identified by eye, the company’s spokesman told TASS that "there are some external features, but we won’t make any speculations on this issue."

According to media reports, on Tuesday, Siemens filed a lawsuit against Russia’s Technopromexport company over the supply of turbines to Crimea. Siemens noted earlier that at least two of its four gas turbines, supplied for the implementation of a project in the Russian southern city of Taman, had been relocated to Crimea.

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the turbines meant to be installed at the Crimean power plants were made in Russia from Russian components, while Technopromexport said that it had purchased turbines in the secondary market.