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Russian PM orders scaling up production to meet army needs

It is important to establish a feedback loop between producers and consumers

MOSCOW, October 31. /TASS/. The Russian government needs to assess the actual needs of its armed forces amid the special operation and expand its capacity for such production, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Monday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin set a task to ramp up the pace in meeting the needs of the Russian armed forces, Mishustin noted.

"We are to complete preparation of appropriate targets in key areas as soon as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to assess the real needs very precisely, comparing that with the current capabilities of entities from the defense industry and other branches of the economy, and it should be worked out what is required to be done in order to expand them," the Prime Minister said.

Proper, quality materials should also be provided, Mishustin added. "Lives depend on that, especially those at the frontline," the Prime Minister noted.

It is important to establish a feedback loop between producers and consumers, he said. "So that those making products promptly receive feedback on how it can be improved. So that our defenders are able to solve their tasks more efficiently. I am convinced that management mechanisms should be adjusted in parallel and a rigorous system of control should be established," Mishustin added.

Detailed schedules should be prepared for each product range and each manufacturer, the Prime Minister stressed. "Proposals should be prepared to update the government procurement order and relevant documents, including the ones coordinating supplies of raw materials and required components," he noted. This also applies to "repair and reconditioning, construction and installation and other efforts" and to logistics, transport and communications, he noted.