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Yamal scientists to promote Arctic biological resources to China’s pharmaceutical markets

The Arctic Research Center Deputy Director noted that cooperation with the Chinese, including the University of Guangdong, the Institute of Oceanology of Qingdao, has the form of an agreement

HARBIN, June 19. /TASS/. Biological resources of the Arctic need to be promoted in the pharmaceutical markets of China, their study and production of primary substances should be carried out in Yamal, and production of medicines in China, as this will provide products with access to Chinese markets, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Deputy Director of the Arctic Research Center Andrey Lobanov told TASS on Wednesday.

"For us, establishing a laboratory is fundamental, that is, key research should be conducted in Yamal. Second thing is developing substances based on these products, and the final assembly should be carried out in China, because this is the ‘entry ticket’ to the vast Chinese market. If we do not manufacture the drug within the holding, we do not have access to the Chinese market," he said.

Lobanov noted that cooperation with Chinese partners, including the University of Guangdong and the Institute of Oceanology of Qingdao, is in the form of an agreement. "All negotiations have been carried out, a draft agreement has been made, which implies scientific cooperation at the first stage, at the second stage - creation of a laboratory in Yamal," he explained.