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Putin: Russia may implement joint projects with Seoul and Pyongyang

VLADIVOSTOK, April 25. /TASS/. Implementation of joint infrastructure projects of Russia, the DPRK and the Republic of Korea is possible, this would contribute to building trust on the Korean Peninsula, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters following talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

"I spoke about it before. It is not the first year we have been talking about it," the President said, answering a question about possible joint projects between Russia and two Koreas.

"In particular this includes a direct rail link between the south of the Korean Peninsula, the north, and Russia, with access to the Trans-Siberian Railway. This also includes the possibility of laying pipelines, if we talk about oil and gas and possible construction of new power lines," the Russian leader said.

"All this is possible. Moreover, in my opinion, it is in the interests of the Republic of Korea. But there seems to be a lack of sovereignty in making final decisions, there are some allied obligations of the Republic of Korea to the US, and at some point everything stops," the Russian leader noted.

"If these projects and the similar ones were implemented, this would create necessary conditions for building trust, which is so needed for solving the key issues."

"Recently, the docking of the railroads of the North and the South took place. In fact, there is a way out to Russia there already, but we still have to run first trains in test mode there. We will work on it calmly, hard and patiently. I hope one day we will manage to do this and the sooner we do it the better," Putin noted.