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Sberbank exposed to series of strong DDoS attacks

The Deputy CEO said that the bank resources were not affected by the attacks

MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. Six hacker attacks of an unprecedented scale were made against Sberbank during two last days. DDoS attacks were staged via a satellite from at least 100 servers in six countries. Bank systems were not affected, Deputy Chief Executive of the Russian bank Stanislav Kuznetsov told TASS on Friday.

"Developments during the past several days give rise to certain concerns with us. Sberbank’s resources were attacked at least six times yesterday and the day before yesterday. Total duration of these DDOS attacks was 1.5 hours at the least. One of these attacks lasted 27 minutes. This is the attack of the unprecedented duration, which was made using new technologies with application of the satellite technology and concealment of sender’s addresses. According to our estimates, it was made fairly professionally; the attacker proactively investigated the level of our security within the framework of this attack. Bank’s resources were not affected by these attacks," the banker said.

Attacks could be made from overseas, Kuznetsov noted. "They were staged from abroad with high degree of probability. It is seen from materials available with us that attacks were made from more than one hundred servers located in six countries of the globe," he noted.

"Protection and technologies of Sberbank make possible to successfully counter attacks of such kind. If these attacks were launched against servers of another company, consequences could be significant," Kuznetsov added.