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'Penitsillin' passive counter-artillery system unique among competitors — design bureau

"System detects enemy artillery not with radars, but due to the combination of acoustic and thermal reconnaissance," Vektor Research Institute told

MOSCOW, February 14. /TASS/. Due to the combination of thermal and acoustic reconnaissance methods, Russia’s "Penitsillin" counter-battery system does not reveal itself by radiation, which makes it unique compared to similar foreign-made systems, Ruselectronics’ Vektor Research Institute told TASS.

"The Penitsillin is unique, first and foremost, because, unlike most other similar foreign-made counter-artillery systems, it detects enemy artillery not with radars, but due to the combination of acoustic and thermal reconnaissance. The system does not reveal itself with radar radiation, while providing high data precision," the Institute said, answering a question about the system’s export potential.

The system has been developed by the Vektor Institute, part of Rostec’s Ruselectronics JSC. It is designed for search for positions of enemy artillery guns, mortars, MLRS launchers, missile air defense systems and tactical missiles, while simultaneously adjusting own artillery fire.

The system includes several sound sensors, installed onto the ground, as well as an electronic optical module. The system receives and processes acoustic signals from explosion shells and provides information about detonation location and accuracy and provides the location of guns. It takes no longer than five seconds to obtain coordinates of an isolated target.

The first shipments of these systems to the Russian Armed Forces started in late 2020. The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly reported that Penitstillin systems successfully operate on southern Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, where they detect and help destroying Ukrainian self-propelled artillery systems and howitzers. This system allows Russian forces to detect enemy artillery positions and return fire within several seconds after an attack.