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German politician says Russia cannot put end to Syrian conflict alone

A German MP says the Syrian conflict is a shame for the whole world

BERLIN, September 30. /TASS/. The situation in Syria is extremely complex and multi-faceted and for this reason nobody will be able to settle the conflict on one’s own, German parliament member from the Social-Democratic Party, commissioner for defense and security affairs Rainer Arnold, told TASS’ in an interview.

"Nobody, regrettably, even Russia, lack something that might be able to put an end to the conflict. Russia might make a greater contribution, in particular, to the protection of civilians, but nobody is capable of stopping the conflict alone," said Arnold on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Russian Aerospace Force’s involvement in the struggle against terrorists in Syria.

Arnold said that first and foremost truce must be achieved in the country to stop the suffering of innocent people. He called for creating special safe havens for refugees in Syria and an air exclusion zones over such area.

"In the current complex situation, when it is hard to understand who is a friend and who is a foe the road to peace will be thorny," he added.

Arnold also commented on a recent statement by the head of the Munich conference on security, Wolfgang Ischinger, who earlier described the ongoing events in Syria as a disgrace for Europe.

"I believe that this war is a shame for the whole world, and not just for Europe. The EU should be more attentive so as not to overestimate its capabilities. I would put it this way: it is a loss for the whole world and for Europe in particular," Arnold said.