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World order principles should be changed to avoid 3rd world war — Italian journalist

The principles of the world order should be changed to avoid the catastrophe, Italian political scientist and journalist Giulietto Chiesa said presenting his new book Instead of Catastrophe in Moscow

MOSCOW, December 19. /TASS/. The world will undergo radical changes, politically, economically, environmentally, in a span of 40 years, authoritative Italian political scientist and journalist Giulietto Chiesa said on Thursday, presenting his new book Instead of Catastrophe in Moscow.

He said he has foreseen a confrontation between Russia and the West. “We are now in the center of dramatic events, on the threshold of giant changes that might be very serious. If we do nothing, the thirds world war in inevitable,” he said. “It is important to urgenty change the principles of the world order.”

“After the end of the unipolar world, a ‘multi-polar break’ took the upper hand, but it, too, will stand up only to a point of burst, and this period is not measured in decades but in years,” he noted. “Only four clubs have been allowed to take part in the world championship: China, the United States, Europe and Russia. But the historical heritage of the four giants is so different that it doesn’t allow them to act jointly, more to it, even to think in a similar way.”

In its unrestrained development, the humankind has exhausted the Earth’s resources, he noted. “We witness the crisis of global finance, the globalism policy, democracy and a whole bunch of crises no one could ever think about, for instance, an information crisis,” Chiesa said. “Now we are facing a task to point to restoring the balance where it is still possible.” He suggested a king of a “council of wise men” be set up to initiate a global project for the creation of a new architecture of international relations.

These problems are tackled in his new book. The authors reflects on an alternative to the death of the entire humankind in a nuclear apocalypse, natural calamities, famine. Experts say the new book is another evidence that Chiesa can speak about complicated global things in a simple language. So, the book is meant for general public.