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US official says American data on MH17 handed to Dutch investigators

Victoria Nuland indicated that a part of the data was classified and she did not rule out it might be declassified some day

WASHINGTON, December 17. /TASS/. U.S. has handed the American data on the incident around Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to Dutch investigators and ICAO, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said on Wednesday as she answered a question from TASS on the issue while speaking at the conservative American Entrepreneurship Institute.

She indicated that a part of the data was classified and she did not rule out it might be declassified some day.

Along with it, Nuland said a statement that Secretary of State John Kerry had made immediately after the accident remained the fullest existing public declaration of Washington's position on the MH 17 case.

The U.S. continues laying full blame for the crash of the jet, which killed all the 298 passengers and crew aboard, at the East-Ukrainian self-defence forces.

Nuland also dismissed any reports claiming that the U.S. had not transferred the data, saying they stood at variance with reality.

She also said the U.S. continued both public and confidential contacts with Russia on the issue and the real question was whether or not the Russians had shared their information, too.

Washington was calling on the Dutch and ICAO to press forward for obtaining this information if it had not be provided, Nuland said.

MH17 crashed in eastern Ukraine on July 17. Western politicians and media rushed to assert that it had been brought down by the self-defence fighters allegedly operating BUK air defense missile systems.

Leaders of the self-defence forces and Russian military officials and experts have denied the Western claims unambiguously, saying the BUK systems were too complicated for the self-defence units to operate. They also said Ukrainian Air Force fighter jets might have been involved in the accident

Russia has many a time called for a meticulous investigation of the accident, some aspects and circumstances of which are hard to explain. It has urged all the parties related to it to provide the full array of data available to them.