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Reasons for suspending plutonium deal with US not clear to 59% Russians

According to a poll, most Russians link the suspension to US actions

MOSCOW, October 27. /TASS/. Nearly one-third (29%) of Russians link the suspension of the plutonium-disposal treaty between Russia and the US with Washington’s actions, a poll conducted by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center showed.

"Many of those surveyed (59%) found it difficult to answer the question as to what was the reason for the suspension but most of the people who answered put the blame on the US," the pollsters explained. In particular, 12% respondents linked the suspension of the Russian-US plutonium disposal deal to US aggression, while another 12% said it was a result of Washington’s policy towards Russia. Another five percent of those polled believe the suspension was initiated by the US.

According to the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center, most of the poll’s participants (59%) have heard about the suspension of the Russian-US agreements on cooperation in the nuclear and energy spheres.

Most of the respondents (59%) failed to answer the question on the possible implications of the agreements’ suspension that Russia could face. At the same time, most respondents who answered this question (22%) said it would not lead to any consequences. Another 5% said the ramifications could be positive.

On October 5, the Russian government signed two directives suspending the Russian-US accord on cooperation in nuclear and energy research on September 16, 2003, and the agreement between Russia’s nuclear corporation, Rosatom, and the US Department of Energy on cooperation for research in converting the Russian research reactors to utilize low-enriched uranium fuel dated on December 7, 2010.

The poll was conducted by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center on October 15-16 among 1,600 respondents in 130 locations throughout Russia, with a margin of error not exceeding 3.5%.