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GLOSFER Signs Official Partnership with Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC)

SEOUL, South Korea, April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GLOSFER, a South Korean blockchain company led by CEO Taewon Kim, has announced its official partnership with the Frankfurt School Block Chain Center (FSBC).

As part of the agreement, Dr. Philip Sandner, Head of the FSBC, joined Team HYCON as an advisor.

Not only is the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management among the top business schools in Germany, but it is recognized internationally; it was ranked 35th in the Global MBA Ranking from the Financial Times (FT) in 2017 and 1st in Germany in the QS Global 100 EMBA rankings by region.

Through this partnership, South Korea's leading blockchain company, GLOSFER, will collaborate with the prestigious Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, aiming to promote blockchain industry and carry out collaborative R&D. FSBC primarily takes part in research and education on blockchain, construction of communities and research on the trend of blockchain industry.

Taewon Kim of GLOSFER said, "GLOSFER looks forward to developing new blockchain technologies, engage in the promotion of the blockchain industry and collaborative R&D under the guidance of Dr. Sandner and FSBC."

Jason French, Vice President of Team HYCON at GLOSFER, added, "The partnership with FSBC will foster the development of blockchain theories and also promote researches on innovative blockchain structures like HYCON's DAG based blockchain, which uses SPECTRE algorithm for stability. It displays the vision and trust for the blockchain technology, enhancing transparency of both public and private companies and increasing accountability."

About GLOSFER: GLOSFER is a leading blockchain technology and services company in South Korea. Building on its roots as a first-generation blockchain company, GLOSFER strives to expand its activities into various industries to bolster its reach in both domestic and international markets, by leveraging innovative technologies and services, including its PHP API blockchain platform PACKUTH and its online and offline cryptocurrency trading platforms. With its upcoming Infinity Project, powered by its HYCON coin, the company seeks to establish and facilitate its cryptocurrency ecosystem while contributing to a more transparent and fair society based on blockchain technology through cooperation with public institutions.

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