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LIKE App launches new Super Power editing feature to empower everyone to be a Super Hero

Fastest growing App in the U.S. applies advanced machine learning technology to expand AR to social video App industry

NEW YORK, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- LIKE App, the leading video application with the most advanced technology in the category, launches its game-changing Super Power editing feature. The new feature allows users to manipulate the natural elements around them and control natural phenomena, and use their Super Powers to save the day or wreak havoc. The feature offers a series of advanced, breathtaking AR effects at a level never before incorporated into a commercial application.

LIKE App developers tracked millions of human body movements and classified the most frequently used gestures. Based on the scenario of these movements, LIKE App matches them with the most popular power effects that have only been seen in Hollywood movies. LIKE App has tested the Super Power feature with their independently-developed machine learning system and algorithm, which have greatly increased Super Power's precision of recognition to an industry-leading level.

This groundbreaking upgrade seamlessly allows anyone to control the natural elements around them such as earth, fire, wind, and water to create blockbuster-style content anywhere in just minutes. This newest feature gives users the magic power to transform themselves into heavenly or fiery angels, summon ancient swords out of thin air, make stones levitate and control natural phenomena.

"When considering how we can continue to elevate LIKE App's offerings, we couldn't think of anything better than giving everyone the opportunity to transform into their favorite superhero - or villain, for that matter," said Aaron Wei, LIKE App Executive. "While applications like Instagram and Snapchat are still trying to catch up to LIKE App's current offerings, we are once again leading this dynamic industry and bringing consumers the cutting edge technology they crave."

With users across more than 200 countries, teens and adults are singing and dancing their way into creative scenes they never thought possible. For more information or to download the application, please visit

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