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9th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2021 is held

Let design reshape ecology as an instructive model for the future

SHENZHEN, China, December 3. On Dec.1-3, with the theme of "New Habitats, design is the new meta discipline", the 9th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2021 (SZIDF 2021) is held in Hall 2, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. SZIDF 2021 is hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, organized by Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality and undertaken by Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association.

Focusing on new industries such as 5G+, digital economy, sharing creation, with the curator Mads Quistgaard's ideas on the future of cities and industries driven by design innovation, SZIDF 2021 fully demonstrates the advantages of Shenzhen as a city of design and innovation, promoting the transformation from "made in Shenzhen" to "designed in Shenzhen" and "created in Shenzhen", as well as promoting the upgrade of "Shenzhen quality" with design. This is an exhibition that will set the benchmark for a new habitat for all mankind. 

Considering the raging epidemic, SZIDF 2021 is held online and offline at the same time. The fair will include Global Design Value Summit, The Great One award, "Design & Manufacturing" business matching meetings and Global Design Released in Shenzhen & New Product Launch. SZIDF 2021 also works with platforms such as Shenzhen i Enterprise, Tik Tok to develop Online Exhibition Design Projects, bringing a diversity of cutting-edge, novel designs to the network, in order to create a great cloud ecological design exhibition with as many participants as possible.