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Dalian cuisine tastes "Fusion Flavor"

DALIAN, China, October 18. /PRNewswire/ Dalian, a coastal city of Northeast China's Liaoning province, with attractive scenery and richful foods. Particularly local food materials and foreign food materials are used together, and the diet style here is integrated, enough to satiate the gourmets.

Recently, "Liaoning Cuisine - 2021 Northeast Asia Popular Cuisine Culture Exchange Week" came to Dalian, fousing on the introduction of Dalian specialty cuisine, inviting Chinese and foreign chefs to perform creative cuisine using local rare ingredients, according to the Information Office of Dalian People's Government.

Dalian is located at 39 degrees north latitude and surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is rich in marine resources. Liao sea cucumber, Dalian sea urchin, variegated clam and other local specialty ingredients are world-famous. The Antarctic krill and other exotic seafood caught by Liaoning Fishery Group in the high seas have brought new varieties. Chefs had a new opportunity to show their skills.

Crossing mountains and seas, chefs from China, North Korea, South Korea and other countries prepared dishes for the guests which integrated with each other. People were pleasantly surprised for the Dalian cuisine, and also felt the charm of Dalian's "Window of the Northeast & Romance City".

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Caption: Chinese and foreign famous chefs cook at the scene