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Foton Motor involved in rescue mission in Chiang Rai, Thailand

CHIANG RAI, Thailand, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Foton Motor, along with experts from the US, UK, Australia and China, was active in the Thai cave rescue in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Foton Thailand dispatched transport and rescue vehicles to the airport and base camp, helping to provide transportation for 6 Chinese rescue experts and their equipment. Foton Thailand employees, proficient in Thai, English and Chinese, assisted rescue teams in communicating with the Royal Thai Navy around the clock. 

Jason Wang, an employee of Foton Thailand who participated in the rescue operation, noted that the rescue teams from Thailand, China, US, UK, Australia, Canada and Belgium, were well prepared after days of preparations.

Wei Qilei, of Foton Thailand, said that: "What impressed me most is that, when I entered into the cave for the first time, the water level was above my knees. However, when I entered into the cave for the second time, the water went up to waist. This rescue was really a challenge on the physical strength of all the rescue team members, because they had to continuously dive and climb up rocks. In this rescue, most of the diving rescuers come from the navy, but every diving operation brings forth new challenges for physical strength. However, everybody worked together to complete this rescue."

Jason Wang said: "It is my honor to contribute to this rescue, and I feel happy for the kids rescued."

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