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Russia’s security chief accuses West of turning whole regions into ‘chaos’ area

The secretary of Russia’s Security Council also characterized the current situation on the Korean peninsula as tense

MOSCOW, March 6. /TASS/. Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev accused Western countries of attempts to solve their problems at the expense of other states, which is turning whole regions into the ‘chaos’ area and creating a breeding ground for terrorists.

"In order to promote its own interests, the West actively involves use-of-force methods and tries to devaluate the potential of international law and some multilateral institutions and seeks to solve its own problems at the expense of the security of others," Patrushev said at a plenary meeting of the Scientific Council within Russia’s Security Council.

"The interference by the US and some EU countries in the internal affairs of sovereign states and the attempts to redraw the borderlines, instigate ethno-confessional clashes and impose its values with disregard to national aspects have turned vast territories of the Middle East, North and Central Africa into the area of chaos and a breeding ground for terrorists," Russia’s security chief said.

The secretary of Russia’s Security Council characterized the situation on the Korean peninsula as tense.

"It is impossible to achieve its de-escalation without developing a system of equitable and indivisible security in Northeast Asia," Russia’s security chief stressed.

According to Patrushev, Europe continues to be confronted with "considerable conflict potential" generated by the expansion of the NATO infrastructure towards Russian borders and the unilateral deployment of the global missile shield by the United States and some unsettled conflicts in the Balkans.

"The settlement of the intra-Ukrainian crisis on the basis of full and consistent implementation of the Minsk accords is called upon to contribute to easing the tension in the Euro-Atlantic region," Patrushev said.

."However, the destructive position of the Ukrainian authorities is the main obstacle on this way," the secretary of Russia’s Security Council said.