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Trump confirms to Putin his interest in cooperation with Russia in cyber security — Lavrov

The issue of cyber security was raised by Trump during the meeting between the Russian and US presidents in Hamburg, according to Lavrov

MOSCOW, July 21. /TASS/. US President Donald Trump showed his interest in cooperation between Washington and Moscow in cyber security at his meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Hamburg on July 7, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with NBC News.

"When the leaders discuss, they don’t draft documents. They pick up subjects on which they believe the two countries can cooperate for the benefit of their own people, for the benefit of security in the region and in the world. And they did discuss cyber security. President Trump raised this issue," Lavrov said.

"He said that he clearly remembered what President Putin publicly said answering the questions about whether Russia meddled with the US elections, and the answer was ‘No’," he said. "But he also reminded as he did during this meeting in Hamburg that the Russian Federation many times, many years ago still under the Obama administration proposed to establish a serious process which would concentrate on any apprehensions any of us and maybe some others (because this could have been open for other countries to join) - any apprehensions which anyone might have regarding any problem in cyberspace."

Russia together with China and other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) put forward a draft document titled ‘Rules of behavior in cyberspace’ several years ago, he said.

"It was the Obama administration which was not very eager about starting to discuss it," the Russian foreign minister said.

"We want cyberspace to be the area where we discuss all concerns, be it interference in domestic affairs of any sovereign state, be it the use of cyberspace for terrorist purposes or for the purposes of drug business, pedophilia, other violations of international legislation," Lavrov said. "And the president of the United States clearly showed interest in having this issue discussed."