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Analysts say Putin’s speech prioritizes domestic development

President Putin is focused, in particular, on the country’s domestic affairs

MOSCOW, December 1. /TASS/. Russian president’s State-of-the-Nation address to the Federal Assembly shines the spotlight on the country’s domestic development, Russian political analysts say.

"The focus (of the address) is inwards, not outwards. This is what the people have been actively waiting for," Director General of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center Valery Fedorov told Tass.

"The main ‘front’ is now a domestic one, economic and social," he said. He also noted that president Putin focused, in particular, on the country’s development.

"Putin speaks about development, shows directions and specifies that this is not just idle talk, but shows how results that seemed unachievable have been attained. He is trying to inspire confidence in the public," the expert said.

"The country’s greatness in the present-day world is determined by living standards and quality of life, economic power, an ability to create high-tech innovations," the chairman of the board of the Civil Society Development Foundation, Konstantin Kostin, said.

He said "the army is of huge importance, but still if we are speaking about positive examples, models that everybody seeks, they primarily rely on economic development," he said, remarking that "the economic development in the 21st century means human capital".

"The keynote of the address is the agenda for developing all facets of public life and orientation towards human capital," the dean of the political studies faculty at Moscow State University, Andrei Shutov said.

He explained that the message prioritizes 'the common man'. It doesn’t matter what field of activity a person may occupied in, each and every human being is most important. With all the problems a person may have or where he may live, be it a simple fellow living in a village, nevertheless this simple fellow, like the rest of us, are true patriots that seek a better future for the country.