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US signals interest in cybersecurity dialogue with Moscow, says Russian envoy

The envoy noted that the previous consultations with the US had been very "fruitful"

MOSCOW, October 22. /TASS/. Moscow has been receiving Washington’s signals about its interest in substantive talks on cybersecurity issues at the level of agencies, Russian Special Presidential Representative for International Information Security Cooperation, Ambassador at Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Krutskikh told TASS on Tuesday.

"Now the Americans are sending signals to us on their interest in a particular discussion on cybersecurity and that different agencies should take part in this discussion and dialogue. Probably, we should not grandiosely call this talks or something else. Maybe, these will be just meetings of experts, but all professionals, who are not involved in internal political squabbles, namely in the US, are aware of this need," the envoy said.

The envoy noted that Russia had offered the US to hold the consultations at various levels. "We suggest consultations between agencies," he noted, stressing that this discussion used to be very fruitful.

"The ball is in the US court. We are waiting for signals from them," Krutskikh said. "Everything depends on their goodwill and how quickly they will be ripe for pragmatic interest for the sake of their own security and stability," he pointed out.