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Putin may submit prime minister’s candidacy to State Duma right after inauguration

At midday on May 7 the president will be inaugurated

MOSCOW, May 4. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin may submit the prime minister’s candidacy to the State Duma right after inauguration that will take place on May 7.

"The government abdicates its powers before the re-elected head of state," Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. "So, the president’s initiative to submit [to the State Duma] the candidacy of the head of government can be expected from this moment." "I cannot say when it will happen exactly," he added. "This is the Russian president’s exclusive prerogative."

Peskov did not answer the question on whether the president had formed the future government’s structure already. He also did not specify what form Putin’s decision on the prime minister’s candidacy and the structure of the cabinet of ministers will take, noting that "The form will not change the essence, of course."

Speaking about the president’s schedule for these days, Peskov reported that on May 6 Putin will have several nonpublic working events. At 12:00 on May 7 the president will be inaugurated. "Several routine interior meetings will follow the inauguration," the Kremlin spokesman added.

Responding to a question on whether Putin will play hockey at a Night Hockey League match, as was after the 2012 inauguration, Peskov stated that it is not in the Night Hockey League’s schedule. However, the president will step on the ice some other day "in the foreseeable future," the Kremlin spokesman assured.