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US wants to blur tasks of global counter-terrorism cooperation, Russian diplomat warns

No terrorist organization has ever posed such a threat as the Islamic State, the diplomat says

WASHINGTON, May 4. /TASS/. Russia believes that the United States is trying to obscure tasks of the global counter-terrorism cooperation, Deputy Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats at the Russian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Feoktistov told reporters in Washington.

"We have long observed an alarming symptom connected to Americans’ attempts to blur tasks of the global counter-terrorism cooperation and shift away from the general understanding that it is IS (Islamic State, a terror organization that is outlawed in Russia - TASS) that constitutes an unprecedented global threat to international peace and security, the way it was confirmed in UN Security Council Resolution 2249 after murderous terrorist attacks on Paris," the diplomat stated.

"No terrorist organization has ever posed such a threat and has never been qualified by the UN Security Council as a global and unprecedented threat. Despite defeats in Syria and Iraq, IS, as we all can see, is spreading across the world - in Southeast Asia, North Africa, northern Afghanistan, moving to Central Asia and so one. However, Americans recently stopped saying that IS it the main threat," Feoktistov stressed.