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Hainan organizes a series of events to mark the founding of People's Republic of China

About 65,000 people visited Sanya's festivities

SANYA, October 4. /TASS/. Hainan's tourism industry organized a series of cultural events for resort guests during a week of festivities to celebrate China's Founding Day on October 1, reported the Hainan Daily.

According to the news outlet, in addition to artistic performances and exhibitions, tourists will be able to learn more about the traditional culture of the island, the local attractions, Hainan cuisine and the beauty of the resort. Especially popular, the newspaper points out, are walking routes in the center of Haikou along Qilou Street. At dusk and evening coolness, many tourists rush here to take pictures and admire the streets decorated with colorful lanterns. The patriotic compositions "Confession to the Motherland" and "Ardent Heart" help to create a festive atmosphere there. Many tourists come here to dine or enjoy a hot drink at local teahouses.

Another tourist attraction is Tanmen fishing village in Qionghai County. Many come here to taste fresh seafood and other delicacies. Moreover, Hainan South Sea Museum, located here, has prepared an exhibition of whales. Visitors can see 30 exhibits, two of which are 13 meters long. According to the organizers, the exposition will allow the guests of the island to learn more about these animals and "feel sincere respect for the flora and fauna of the seas and oceans."

The island will also host an exhibition of Jingzhou Museum. Its guests will be able to look at musical instruments skillfully made of bronze, jasper and other stones, carved wooden furniture and other items. A total of 199 exhibits are presented at the exhibition.

On October 1, the decoration complex of Hainan Film Society "Old Hutongs of Beijing" also opened its doors to tourists. It recreates the medieval architecture of the old city, a Taoist temple, shops, a dairy station, a market and dumplings and siheyuan— traditional Chinese houses with rectangular courtyards.

During the holidays in honor of October 1, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the country rushed to Hainan. As the newspaper "Nanguo Dushibao" reported earlier, about 65,000 guests from all over the country came to Sanya for the holidays. The Beach Carnival is taking place on Hainan from September 30. For three months, there will be beach football, running contests, as well as a children's daytime sports camp. On the beaches of Wanning, guests of the carnival will be able to learn the art of surfing, in Wenchang — play beach volleyball , and in Sanya — go surfing, sailing, visit the beach attractions and bays of this resort. In total, the carnival includes over 100 events and will run until December 5.