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Sanya makes it to the list of China's top-10 cities with best business climate

Sanya was selected for the ranking in May, 2018

SANYA, July 11./TASS/. The City of Sanya in the southern Chinese province of Hainan has made it to the top ten cities in the country with best business environment. This was announced at the China International Forum of the Business Environment in Beijing, according to Hainan Daily newspaper.

The resort city of Sanya was leading due to the initiatives of the authorities to better the business climate and achieve success in promoting construction projects, according to a report on the results of the forum on the assessment of the business environment of Chinese cities in 2019. Sanya was selected for the ranking in May, 2018.

Over the past year, the newspaper writes, the city authorities have carried out a number of institutional changes, created the Office of the Business Environment in order to streamline business processes and globalize business environment. Efforts in this area, as noted by the publication, will contribute to the implementation of the project to build a pilot free trade zone in the Hainan Province.

The plan was developed in conformity with the World Bank criteria for assessing business environment, the relevant requirements of the State Committee for Development and Reform of China, as well as the existing state of the economic development of Sanya. The program aims to solve the difficulties companies face when working on the local market, as well as give impetus to the development of the urban economy, which will help advance the project to create a pilot free trade zone in Hainan Province.

The action plan for 2019–2020 adopted by the Sanya City Government includes 76 positions on 16 key areas. Among those, in particular, there are opening of new enterprises, issuing permits for construction, supplying gas, water, electricity, telecommunications, financial operations, optimizing the tax system, promoting international trade, protecting intellectual property rights, exercising market control, developing tourism , increasing employment, etc.

In April 2018, President Xi Jinping said that the Chinese authorities intend to actively involve Hainan in globalization and to draw foreign investors to the island province.