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SinoHytec introduces its know-how in hydrogen industry on Hainan

Hydrogen fuel cell is an eco-friendly source of energy with a practically inexhaustible resource

HAIKOU, July 5./TASS/. Chinese SinoHytec presented at the international congress on new energy sources in Boao (Hainan Island, South China) the latest developments in the field of transport on hydrogen fuel. According to the company, in the near future the public will be able to get acquainted with the passenger car designed by its specialists on this environmentally friendly energy carrier. 

The presentation took place as part of the innovation exhibition of car producers. The hydrogen engines presented at the event immediately caught global attention. "Our company independently produced about 300 hydrogen-fueled  commercial cargo vehicles, which have already been commissioned in some Chinese cities," said SinoHytec deputy general director Yu Min.


According to him, Hainan has excellent conditions and great potential to create a top-notch system for transport running on hydrogen. Yu Min stressed that due to the active implementation of these technologies, it will be easier for local authorities to maintain an optimal ecological balance in the region. 


According to the province's energy development plan, the island will set up the Hainan Hydrogen Port - industrial and infrastructure facilities, through which an integral chain of production, storage and transportation of this type of fuel will be formed. The authorities will simultaneously enhance the development of enterprises - suppliers of components for hydrogen-fueled vehicles, that in the future should become a good alternative to passenger cars running on gasoline.

Hydrogen fuel cell is an eco-friendly source of energy with a practically inexhaustible resource. It generates electricity during an electrochemical reaction, the only by-products of which are water vapor and heat.