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New Sheremetyevo runway to be used without any restrictions

The Russian Ministry of Transportt informed that the operation will be carried out without any restrictions due to the application of measures to reduce aircraft noise

MOSCOW, January 11. / TASS /. The use of a new, third runway (RWY) at Sheremetyevo International Airport will be carried out without any restrictions, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Transport reported on Friday.

Earlier, a draft amendment by the Ministry of Transport to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation regarding the establishment of an aerodrome area appeared on the official ministry site.

The explanatory note to the draft amendments stated that "the location of the strip near the large settlements of Lobnya (5 km), Shodnya (3 km), Zelenograd (5 km) will not allow its full use, due to high aircraft noise, the number of flights at night will have to be limited."

The runway operation will be carried out without any restrictions due to the application of measures to reduce aircraft noise. This will be achieved through the introduction of new technologies for air traffic services, including maneuvering procedures in the aerodrome area. These technologies include precisely maintaining the specified flight paths, the aircraft will perform the flight exactly according to the established plan, without deviations, including over residential buildings, "the Transport Ministry said in a statement.

In addition, the commissioning of the third runway at Sheremetyevo Airport will ensure the growth of take-off and landing operations from the current 70 to 100 per hour, the ministry specified. As indicated on the Sheremetyevo website, now the number of flights is 55 per hour, and with the introduction of the third runway, the number is expected to increase to 90. "A reduction in flight delay time will be ensured due to the introduction of separate operations on parallel runways recommended by ICAO," the transport agency said.

About the runway

The third runway at Sheremetyevo will begin operation on April 4, 2019, the airport’s general director Mikhail Vasilenko told reporters earlier.

Initially, the new runway was to be commissioned before the start of the 2018 World Cup.

Also in the works for 2019 is a C1 terminal with a capacity of 20 million passengers, and in 2021 - a C2 terminal for 10 million passengers.