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Radioelectronic weapons of lead submarine of Yasen project totally renewed

The lead submarine of project 885 The Severodvinsk entered duty on June 17, 2014

MOSCOW, April 2. /TASS/. The radio-electronic equipment of the lead Yasen submarine of project 855 has been fundamentally upgraded, its designer has told TASS.

"The lead submarine of project 885 The Severodvinsk entered duty on June 17, 2014. While the lead ship was under construction, its radio-electronic weapons were totally renewed. Yasen is a universal carrier of missiles and torpedoes. With its missiles, stealth features and speed this is the first submarine ever capable of operating against ships and performing deterrence functions," the Malakhit design bureau said.

The next six ships in the series are being built according to the upgraded project 885M (Yasen-M). Also, work is in progress to build multi-role nuclear powered submarines of the fifth generation," Malakhit said.

Yasen is a fourth generation multi-role submarine. It is armed with Oniks and Kalibr cruise missiles. It has no torpedo tubes in the fore compartment, which houses a hydro-acoustic complex with a spherical antenna capable of identifying enemy ships at a great distance.

The St. Petersburg-based Marine Engineering Bureau Malakhit was established on March 31, 1948. Over the past seventy years it has delivered more than 50 projects, used to build more than 300 submarines, including 100 equipped with nuclear power plants. Malakhit designed Russia’s first missile-carrying submarine, the first nuclear powered submarine K-3 (project 627) and the world’s first titanium high-speed nuclear powered submarine.