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Russia creates torpedo weapon production cluster

Defense contractors make an emphasis on producing the electronic component of torpedo weapons, according to one of Russia’s key torpedo developers Research and Production Enterprise ‘Region’

MOSCOW, May 13. /TASS/. Russia has set up a torpedo weapons production cluster, CEO of the Research and Production Enterprise ‘Region’ (part of Tactical Missiles Corporation) Igor Krylov told TASS on Monday.

The Research and Production Enterprise ‘Region’ is among Russia’s major torpedo developers.

"Enterprises of Tactical Missiles Corporation have been used as the basis for creating a production cluster engaged in developing and serially producing torpedo weapons. We do not depend on former Soviet republics that were earlier integrated in production cooperation for the manufacture of torpedo systems. This can be confirmed by the deliveries of weapon systems to the Russian Navy in the required volumes and their active operation in operational units," Krylov said.

Defense contractors are making a special emphasis on developing and producing the electronic component of torpedo weapons, the chief executive said.

"We produce ‘the electronic brains’ of torpedoes and anti-submarine weapons completely on our own. We can say that this process has been organized locally for most weapons that are produced: Fizik torpedoes, the MPT small-size anti-submarine warfare torpedo, AT anti-torpedoes and the APR-3M [air-launched anti-submarine warfare missile]," the chief executive said.

The ‘Region’ Enterprise purchases materials and electronic components from other suppliers while it assembles, fine-tunes and tests weapon systems itself, the chief executive said.

"The software is being fully developed by ‘Region.’ The Enterprise also develops algorithms, produces prototypes, holds trials and delivers final products," Krylov added.