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Upgraded Borei, Yasen sub to become backbone of Northern Fleet in 15-20 years

Russia's Northern Fleet currently has ten nuclear-powered submarines of different kinds

MOSCOW, March 18. /TASS/. Upgraded submarines of the Borei and Yasen projects will form the backbone of the Northern Fleet in 15-20 years to come, the Northern Fleet’s commander, Nikolai Yevmenov, told the media on Monday.

"As new ships replace those withdrawn from service upon the expiration of the natural life cycle unification will occur in the natural way and there will remain two or three projects of strategic and multirole submarines. In 15-20 years to come the upgraded submarines of the Borei and Yasen projects will constitute the backbone of the Northern Fleet," Yevmenov said.

"We expect that in the long term, after the completion of all tests this year the Northern Fleet will be reinforced by the first samples of these projects - the strategic missile-carrying The Knyaz Vladimir and the multirole submarine The Kazan. Both will be meant for operations in high latitudes of the Arctic Ocean under the ice cap," Yevmenov said.

He recalled that the Northern Fleet currently had ten nuclear-powered submarines of different projects.

"One diesel-electric submarine is the well familiar Varshavyanka. One diesel-electric submarine of project 667 the Lada is in the test operation phase. All are configured for service in the northern and southern latitudes," Yevmenov said.

He recalled that last year the strategic missile The Tula (project 667) and multi-role nuclear powered submarine The Gepard (project 971) resumed duty after repairs and upgrade. "They have repeatedly performed various missions on the high seas and will remain in service for no less than ten years," he added.

Kazan and Knyaz Vladimir subs

The Kazan is the first nuclear-powered submarine being built under the upgraded project Yasen-M. The amendments concern the radio-electronic equipment components, materials and fundamentally new architectural features. The Kazan is a multi-role submarine armed with cruise missiles Kalibr and supersonic missiles Oniks.

The Knyaz Vladimir is the lead submarine of the upgraded project 955A. The project 955 and 955A submarines (Borei and Borei-A respectively) were designed by the Rubin Design Bureau. Distinctions between the 955 and 955A projects are unclear. According to open sources Borei-A has upgraded hull structures and different electronics. The project 955A is quieter and harder to detect by other parameters. The Bulava missile is this submarine’s main weapon.