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Defense Ministry briefs foreign military attaches on Vostok-2018 drills

It has been reported earlier that Vladimir Putin will be present at the military exercise

MOSCOW, September 6. /TASS/. Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Alexander Fomin, has briefed foreign military attaches on the international aspects of the forthcoming military exercise Vostok-2018.

"Although the exercise is to be held several thousand kilometers away from the western borders of Russia, some Western mass media have been speculating that this Russian exercise is aggressive and aimed against NATO and the EU," he said.

Fomin drew the foreign attaches’ attention to the fact that the previous and forthcoming exercises lacked the slightest traces that might point to their anti-NATO bias or aggressiveness.

"In the exercise the Russian forces playing the role of an opponent never use NATO uniform or weapons or selected English-speaking personnel, contrary to NATO’s frequent practice of using Russian speakers wearing Soviet or Russian uniforms and armed with Russian weapons and equipment to impersonate a likely enemy," Fomin said.

"Aware of how sensitive this aspect is and being open-hearted as we are, we will stick to our customary mode of action further on," he said.

Obligations to other countries

Fomin recalled that Russia had agreements with a number countries, such as South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan and the United States, on the prevention of incidents on the high seas and over them, and also agreements on the prevention of dangerous military activities.

"In accordance with these obligations the personnel of Russia’s ground, naval and air forces involved in the Vostok-2018 exercise has been briefed in detail on the strict observance of security measures and the prevention of dangerous incidents during military activity," he said.

"For ensuring the safety of shipping and international flights certain areas to be used for the exercise have been closed to ships and aircraft. The Defense Ministry has been taking all measures to enforce compliance with Russia’s international liabilities concerning military activity and the safety of shipping and air traffic," Fomin concluded.