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Five parties are favorites in Bulgaria’s parliamentary election — commission

Bulgaria held early parliamentary elections on Sunday

SOFIA, March 27. /TASS/. Five political parties are the frontrunners in Bulgaria’s early parliamentary elections, the Central Election Commission reported after processing 78.79% of ballots by 6pm (time coincides with Moscow Time).

According to data posted on the official website of the Central Election Commission, 32.74% of voters cast their ballots for the Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) political party. The Bulgarian Socialist Party secured 26.79% of the votes, and the United Patriots coalition tanks third with 9.14% of the votes.

Two more political parties - the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and Volya (Will) - secured enough votes to get seats in parliament (8.44% and 4.11% respectively). The vote count continues.

Bulgaria held early parliamentary elections on Sunday, March 26. Representatives of 11 parties and nine coalitions along with nine independent candidates competed for 240 seats in the country’s National Assembly (parliament).